What We Offer
CARES is an extension of our Post family. The CARES Teams they provide really have a sense of bringing people together and bring meaning to people’s lives.
Lori Fall, Area Vice President – Post Properties


"Apartment Life? CARES? CARES program? What's the difference?"
We're glad you asked!

Apartment Life is who we are, and the CARES program - CARES for short - is what we provide to the apartment industry.The CARES program is a community building and resident retention program that provides business value to apartment owners and management companies while making a lasting difference in the lives of apartment residents.

The CARES program is carried out by a CARES Team (a married couple, family, or "team of two"). Once recruited, each CARES Team is placed into apartment communities to live onsite and work with the management team to build community and serve residents by doing things that flow naturally out of the Christian lifestyle - welcoming new residents, planning social events, and CARE-ing in times of need. Our teams have been compared to campus RA’s, first responders, Mom and Dad, life of the party, and even the heartbeat of the community.