"We’ve been fortunate to partner with multiple organizations and businesses in our city to execute a successful CARES program. Of these, our biggest partner is our church. They have consistently helped with resources such as tables, chairs, and food, but their greatest contribution has been volunteers."
Nelson and Andrea Chang, CARES Team

Church Partners

Apartment Life partners with local churches and other faith-based organizations as our primary strategy for recruiting and supporting CARES Teams. Teams invested in a local church tend to have more heart for community building, as well as serving and caring for others. In addition, church-supported teams have access to a stronger volunteer and resource network, which helps prevent burnout, increases the team's tenure, and provides the most impact to the apartment communities we serve.

If your church is interesting in partnering with us by sponsoring a CARES Team in your congregation, please fill out our quick Info Form and someone from Apartment Life will follow up with you.