"Working at Apartment Life has changed my outlook on the word "work," because our culture is like no other I've ever experienced. Our leadership is passionate about what we do, they encourage me to work toward creative solutions to problems, and they welcome the ideas of all staff members. My coworkers are my friends and co-laborers."  -Racquel Daigle, Director of Operations, National Office


The culture of Apartment's extraordinary, yet so hard to condense into a few short paragraphs. When asked to summarize who we are into one word, "unique" is used without fail. We’re entrepreneurial, yet we love a good old-fashioned white board for a spur-of-the-moment idea fest. We may be laid back, but when a new idea emerges, we trade it, test it, and implement it with dizzying speed.

We believe there is a time for everything. A time to be professional and a time to be casual; stop by to see us and you'll find us in flips flops and shorts on Friday. We believe there is a time to buckle down and work hard and a time to let loose and have fun. It's not uncommon for us to make an impromptu Sonic Happy Hour run during the middle of the day or to gather for a sand volleyball game during the middle of a senior leadership meeting.

Our culture provides a powerful road map for success, a secure outlet for creative out-of-the-box thinking, and a proven one-of-a-kind program that produces a transformative experience in the lives of our staff, business partners, CARES Teams, donors, and the community of residents we support! Our driving passion is to create a culture that is unmistakable in our daily lives and that our movement to live a life that changes a community will leave a legacy for generations to come!

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