It takes a special "team of two" to execute the CARES program and serve apartment residents and staff with excellence. Based on our experience, we have identified several key qualities that make the most successful CARES Teams. Review the list below to determine if CARES could be a fit for you!

Relational and Passionate

CARES Teams have a heart for people and a passion to see lives changed. They understand the power of relationships and the importance they play in developing community and transforming lives.

Called and Committed

A CARES Teams should feel called by God to serve. While discounted apartment rent is a helpful benefit, it should not be the primary motivation. With calling comes hard work and commitment. A CARES Team must be committed to their apartment community, the neighbors they serve, Apartment Life, and their local church for two years.


CARES is a team program! While one team member may take the lead, both members must be able and willing to make significant contributions. Most CARES activities require both team members’ participation. Because teams must work together extensively, it is important that team members have a good working relationship and complementary gifts and talents. Teams must be a married couple, family, or two single adults of the same gender.

Church Support

Being a CARES Team and sacrificially serving neighbors and staff can be a challenging, yet very rewarding, experience. Teams who are connected to and highly involved with a local church have a stronger support base, which leads to healthier relationships and work-life balance. Having a support structure that can provide child care options, volunteers, donations, and resources for events enables teams to pour out their hearts to residents, fulfill their commitment, and avoid burnout.


A CARES Team is intentional about connecting with neighbors in their community daily, so it is imperative that both team members have flexibility and complimenting work / life schedules where they can be available to their community. CARES has a time commitment of approximately 8-10 hours per week (per team member) and should be considered a part-time job.

Event Planners

Our CARES Teams plan and coordinate social events in the community to attract and retain residents. Event planning or group gathering experience helps tremendously!

Financially Responsible

We are looking for good stewards. The apartment community will entrust the CARES Team with a monthly budget for events. The CARES Team should be responsible with their own personal finances so that they can be trusted with the finances of the community.


The CARES Team should welcome accountability and be willing to go above and beyond to demonstrate value and impact because of their service to the community. Our teams meet regularly with their property management staff, as well as an Apartment Life program director, who will serve as a cheerleader, guide, and listening ear, providing regular accountability to ensure that the program is done with excellence. CARES Teams are also responsible for monthly reports.

Next Steps

If you would like additional information before deciding if being a CARES Team is a good fit for you, fill out our Info Form and someone will follow up with you. If you are ready to apply, fill out our Application to get the ball rolling.